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Restriction: ship to Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK including Local Island addresses only. 

Right of Retraction - Satisfied or Reimbursed
Netbook allows you 7 working days to return a product that you are not satisfied with. You can return the product within this time period, at your own expense, accompanied by your invoice and a completed and signed return goods voucher.
We request that you send us the merchandise by registered post and that you purchase insurance with the carrier for the value of the merchandise. This is notably necessary should they lose or damage the goods. Shipping fees remain the customer’s responsibility.

The present right of return only applies to products that are returned in their original, complete packaging (accessories, user guide etc.), and in working condition. Any product that has been damaged, or is not in its original packaging, or packaging that has been worn beyond simply opening the product will not be refunded.
All photos stored on a digital support (memory card, hard drive etc) and sent back to Netbook by the User will not be kept. The deadlines mentioned above are effective as of the date of reception of the order.

For reimbursements

- If the product is returned within 7 days of its delivery (the post mark being proof thereof), the User will be reimbursed by bank transfer if payment was made by bank card, or by cheque in other cases. If the User paid by bank card (via a bank card reader) at a Pick-Up Store, reimbursement will be made by cheque.
If tests need to be conducted on the product, in the framework of the right of retraction, Netbook will do its best to reimburse the User as quickly as possible. This time period will depend on the nature of the technical tests performed by the After-Sales Service of your product’s manufacturer, for a maximum period of 3 weeks.
For any returned package, please go to your Account space and follow the return policy instructions.

Please note that shipping fees are the client’s responsibility except if the product does not conform to the description of said product (the client is responsible for any damage done during the shipment of returned goods).
For the period covered under warranty, the client must return the product to NETBOOK’S After-Sales Service. No package will be accepted at the head office of Netbook.
Guarantees and After Sales Service
All of the products we sell benefit from:
- The legal guarantee of conformity;
- The legal guarantee from hidden flaws;

- The manufacturer’s guarantee for a period defined by the product purchased and the brand. Shipping fees of the products are the customer’s responsibility.
However, if the product does not conform to the product description, shipping fees will be reimbursed to the customer.

For any returned package, please go to you’re my Account space and follow the return policy instructions.

Netbook will handle possible repairs with the manufacturers.
Whatever the problem is with your product, you must attach with the defective product, a copy of your invoice, the warranty (in the box) and the return goods voucher.

Please note, legal guarantees do not apply to repairs for damage caused by external origin (for example, accidents, shocks, fluctuation of electricity etc.) or by the user’s faulty usage of the product such as a non-conforming installation or using it for commercial purposes or using said product with incorrect peripherals, accessories or consumables.

The manufacturer’s warranties sold by NETBOOK do not cover:
-replacement of consumables (batteries, light bulbs, fuses, recording heads or lasers etc.)
-the abnormal use or non-conforming usage of products. We ask that you consult the user’s manual provided with the products
-malfunctioning due to accessories (power cables etc)
-damage from external sources (shocks, accidents, electricity current fluctuations etc)

In all cases, NETBOOK will not be held responsible in the event that the manufacturer refuses to honour the warranty due to, but not limited to, any of the above noted reasons. In the event where the manufacturer will not provide service under warranty, an estimate of the cost of the repair will be given to the customer. Administrative fees will be requested if payment for the estimate is not made. If the User agrees to the estimate, a cheque will be issued to Netbook and will correspond to the estimate amount, and ought to be sent to us.
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