iPad 3 internal parts show up, hinting at upcoming launch

07 August 2011

Bored of your iPad 2? Can't wait for the next fruit-themed gadget? Tired of answering these tech-related questions? Worry not -- if some new internal components are anything to go by, the iPad 3 may be coming soon, perhaps with that retina display.

Even before the iPad 2 was announced, we started getting rumours of the iPad 3 and hints at the updates we were going to see when it eventually lands. It seems that we may not have long to wait for the third generation of Apple's slate, after internal parts apparently for the new device turned up on online reseller SW-Box and subsequently found by 9to5 Mac.

iFixYouri cast its beady eyes over the components and indicated 9to5 Mac that they are parts for the power button, volume buttons and silent/ringer switch.

You may be thinking they aren't the most interesting parts of the potential iPad, and we'd totally agree with you. What it does tell us though, is that the iPad 3 is more than just a rumour and may already be in production, perhaps turning up in our stores sometime around September or October -- possibly a dual launch with the iPhone 5.

We haven't had much info to go on for potential iPad 3 specs, but we're pretty sure it's going to have an eye-meltingly sharp 2,048x1,536-pixel retina display. We'd be surprised to see much in the way of a physical change in the body -- Apple has done a great job in making the iPad 2 very slim and light which has helped it dominate the market, easily outselling tablets such as HP's TouchPad and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The Apple rumour mill seems to never stop going, throwing out regular tantalising treats about the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. Although we're pretty convinced we're going to be seeing the iPhone 5 around September (maybe October) we weren't too sure about the iPad 3. After all, Apple only released the iPad 2 in March this year.

Some rumours have even suggested the possibility of a 3D display too, but we're not convinced we'll be seeing that this time round.

We'll have to wait until September to find out if we're going to be treated to the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5, but make sure to keep it CNET UK for all the latest updates.

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