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ASUS 1005PE wins design award - 23 May 2010
Asus 1005PE wins Product Design Award 2010.

Elegant Seashell Inspired Design

Seemingly crafted by nature itself, the Eee PC™ Seashell draws its inspiration from seashells and its opalescent and glossy exterior is crafted by the innovative in-Mold Roller technology; matte painting in C part to create baby soft touch. It's so light and compact, you can take it anywhere with you! And with sleek curves and smooth lines hugging its lustrous shell, the Eee PC™ Seashell will easily charm passers-by wherever it goes.

Saves Power and the Planet - 11 hours battery life with Super Hybrid Engine

The Eee PC™ 1005PE is not only beauty outside with elegant seashell design, but also matches with its power inside as energy efficiency. It features the new power-saving Intel® Atom™ N450 CPU, which works in tandem with ASUS’ exclusive Super Hybrid Engine energy management technology to deliver 11 hours* of battery life on a single charge. The Eee PC™ 1005PE’s is truly the product of ASUS’ love for the Earth and perfect masterpiece to eliminate worries about power while on-the-go for full day, unplugged computing.

Dual OS: Lose the Wait with Express Gate

The Eee PC™ 1005PE offers near-instant access to the Internet thanks to the inclusion of Express Gate, an ancillary operating system that boots up in seconds. Make Skype calls, surf the web, browse photos, play online games, engage in instant messaging, and much more with Express Gate!

No Deficiency in Efficiency

The Eee PC™ Seashell 1005PE features a breathtaking design that includes a 10.1” LED-backlit display and an ergonomic chiclet keyboard. It also comes with an extra 500GB of online ASUS WebStorage** which allows you to access, share and back up your files and media no matter where you are, through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop web-based interface.

Multi-touch pad of easily zoom in/out

With the Multi-Touch gesture input feature, you can easily zoom in and out to view photos or read documents by just moving two fingertips apart or together on the touchpad. You can also simultaneously slide two fingertips up or down the touchpad—making scrolling in a window easy without the use of a mouse.

Seamless Communication : Bluetooth V2.1

With built-in Bluetooth support, the Eee PC™ lets you easily transfer data between Bluetooth-enabled devices' and brings forth excellent connectivity where work, learn and play experiences are enhanced by applications that easily connect two or more users remotely. Built-in 0.3M camera for instant video conference & msn chatting.

Eee Docking: A World of Fun and Productivity Awaits (Windows 7 only)

Eee PC™ 1005PE netbooks running Windows based OS come with Eee Docking*, an intuitive software suite that offers easy access to digital content, services, and useful software. Eee Docking comprises:

  • ASUS Amuse: Stream or download a variety of exciting digital content
  • Eee Sharing: Share/sync messages and data with other Eee PCs, notebooks, or desktop PCs without entering into the Internet
  • Eee Xperience: Applications that enhance visual and acoustic
  • Eee Tools: A suite of useful tools including Live Update, Parental Control* and Font Resizer

ASUS Access in Eee Docking
Access More, Imagine More, Do More with ASUS’ Cloud Computing Service

Gain instant access to entertainment with your Eee PC™ 1005PE right here. Want to enjoy a quick game while waiting for your friends? Searching for essential computer utilities? Need to be constantly online? Looking to share videos, music and files with your friends? Build your own access. Do more with ASUS Access. Visit ASUS Access for more information at .

* Operation lifetime subject to product model, normal usage conditions and configurations. For more information, please visit . The estimated maximum battery life in Windows® 7 is measured with MobileMark® 2007.
** Availability is dependent on selected model, country or operator support. Check with your local ASUS website for more details.
*** Complimentary one-year 500GB ASUS WebStorage trial. Please visit  for more details. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit  for more information.
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Netbook v IPad Review - 16 May 2010

Those in favour of a Netbook or notebook, in some cases--stated practical reasons, while those in favor of the Apple device often pointed to its media-viewing capabilities and novelty.

In all, Netbooks seemed to come out on top, in terms of clear utility. That's probably because they have been out there a lot longer and have time-tested designs. The iPad, on the other hand, is not only new, but it defies traditional usage models, lacking a standard PC operating system and physical keyboard.

A couple of items worth noting: this isn't an apples-to-apples comparison. To state the obvious, the iPad and Netbook are different designs. But a purchase decision can come down to an either-or choice, when considering that both devices fall into the gap between a smartphone and a high-end laptop--not to mention the fact that not everyone has the luxury of buying both. It's also worth noting that a few readers saw the choice as simply the traditional mainstream laptop versus the iPad.

I've listed some of the more cogent and/or representative arguments in favor of buying either device.


    * Cheap, simple: "The Netbook fills a unique need for casual computer users who need a cheap, simple, portable computer [that] can perform any computer-related task. So...while the iPad is interesting, I don't see it filling a need for cheap, simple computers, which can do everything."
    * Full keyboard: "At the end of the day, my Netbook goes to class with me. It has a full keyboard and Microsoft Office." And another reader: "A keyboard is the fundamental difference. Virtual keyboards just aren't as efficient in their current form as physical keyboards are. The iPad's solution, a separate keyboard module, is much less elegant than the integrated keyboard of laptops."
    * Multitask: "I don't see the iPad replacing my Netbook when the iPad can't multitask. That means I can't get NZBs, use uTorrent, be on IRC, and have Trillian and Winamp running all while I use Firefox."
    * More open: "If Apple would just drop the walled garden, I would say the iPad. Until then, Windows is more open than the iPhone/iPad OS. (Moreover), I can install Linux on a Netbook." And another reader said: "Personally, the app restrictions are quite insulting to me, as a programmer, so I would never buy an iPad (or an iPhone, for that matter.) But I understand that not everyone is a programmer, and an iPad might be more appealing to them."
    * USB and connectors: "As a musician, USB, FireWire, and driver support means I can do work (i.e. recording, mixing, writing) on the road with a Netbook in ways that the iPad doesn't allow."
    * PC market is where it's at: "If you were to add up all the iPhones, Macs, and iPads ever sold, the total would not come remotely close to the PC market."
    * Can't have both: "I would love to have both a Netbook and an iPad...But to be practical and with a constrained budget, I would start with a Netbook."


    * Maps: "The Google Maps app, with GPS and [a] large screen, is fantastic. All I have to say to people who didn't try it: just check it out."
    * Virtual keyboard is fine: "Once I got the iPad cover to have it tilt at a 45-degree angle, I actually noticed I typed faster on the iPad than my Netbook." And another reader: "Interestingly, by trusting the predictive spell-checking, I can type faster on the iPad than (the) Netbook."
    * Better travel companion/entertainment: "The iPad fits in perfectly as a lightweight, mobile platform for e-mail and Web access, as well as remote access to my servers while I'm on the move in a package the same size as the Day-Timer (that) I used to carry. It's also much more pleasant to use when traveling for entertainment and document review than my laptop, and more functional than my iPhone. This is the perfect in-between device for me."
    * Like the controlled-app environment: "I like the idea of the controlled apps--and there are so many of them to select. My main loves are the touch interface and the power-up speed." And another reader said: "That 'closed' App Store has more apps and games than any mobile platform...How is that closed?"
    * Flash not that important, anyway: "I think Flash is in trouble...I am able to watch shows from major networks (on the iPad). (But) if you're a FarmVille (game) addict, then you will need Flash."
    * Try it; you'll like it: "I think many of the people who favor the Netbook have not used the iPad...for any length of time. With numerous desktops and laptops in our house and at work, I bought an iPad...You don't have to be computer-illiterate to appreciate a well-designed, user-friendly device...The iPad is different from a Netbook. Neither are appropriate for real computer work, but for using the Internet, mail, games, and/or light computing, the iPad is the better choice."

By Brook Crothers from Cnet

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Barbie Notebook Netbook - 16 May 2010

Samsung has released what, apparently, is a really good notebook in Korea, the Samsung X170 Barbie Edition. No kidding!

It’s an ultraportable notebook Netbook with an 11.6″, 1366 x 768 display, and Intel Core 2 DUO SU7300 processor, 4GB of RAM, 500 GB storage, a full-sized keyboard and a 9-hour battery. Specs-wise, it’s pretty good. It also comes with a lot of Barbie-related stuff such as the Barbie logo on the lid, screen saver, and desktop icons. It comes in black or pink. I’m not a big fan of pink netbooks since pink isn’t one of my preferred netbook colors, but the black looks nice.

samsungbarbie sg

I certainly think that there is a market for cute computers, especially those that are aimed at kids. We have seen netbooks before that were themed with Nickelodeon or Disney characters.
Samsung has a new netbook that seems to be aimed at younger girls, but sports hardware making it more appropriate for the adult user.

It’s oh-so-very manly

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