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Google Chrome OS for Netbooks Early Days - 25 November 2009

 Google released the source code for Chrome OS on Thursday, beginning the process of producing a browser-based operating system by the end of 2010 for lower-end PCs called Netbooks. Although Linux runs under the covers, the applications all run within Google's browser.

The upper-left corner has an applications menu with links to a variety of Web applications. Those applications can be permanently lodged as narrow tabs between that menu and ordinary browser tabs.

Although screen real estate is tight--especially given the presence of a clock and status icons to indicate Wi-Fi connections and the like in the upper right--more than one browser can be open at a time even if others are hidden in the background.


Chrome OS applications


Photo by Google

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Geek Chic Netbook Style - 25 November 2009


Looking for a netbook case with a little Geek Chic flavor? Check out the awesome handmade NES controller pouch discovered.

The cases are made by a seller , and they’re 8 bits of old-school gaming goodness. At €60, it’s a steal of a deal for a unique, hand-crafted portable pouch.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend using this as the only case you cart your netbook around in. It’s made of felted material, after all, not ballistic nylon. Still, I can’t think of a carrying case I’ve seen that would make your geeky friends at work drool more than this little baby.

Better hurry if you want one – I imagine there will be a rush of orders as netbookers find out about the NES case.



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New Atom Netbooks coming for CES - 16 November 2009

New Atom Netbooks coming for CES?

by Scott Stein


Imagine the HP Mini 311 with a new Atom...

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)


With CES coming in January and Windows 7 computers already everywhere to be found, a casual observer might assume that Vegas' annual consumer electronics extravaganza might not be as exciting for laptops. For Netbooks, at least, that seems to be completely untrue. Although Netbooks have seen an across-the-board upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 and, in some instances, boosts like HD-resolution screens, added RAM, and discrete Nvidia GPUs, Netbooks still tend to run variants of the same N270/280 Atom processor we've seen since 2008.

Intel has been readying its newer Atoms, including a dual-core D510, for a while, but a rumor of a leaked document suggests that Intel might be unveiling the new Atom N450 (the successor to the N270), and even new Netbooks and Nettops containing it, at CES. The report also suggests a possibly quick decommissioning of the old Atom N270s. Intel's new Atoms are supposed to provide better battery life as well as smoother video playback.

We've already found some great new Netbooks recently, and this should only drive the new wave of Netbooks ever forward.

We're excited about seeing some of these future Netbooks. As long as they stay affordable, that is.

(Via Engadget)

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